Not Just a Photo Session

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Photo Sessions Are an Opportunity

Photo Sessions with T&R Photography are an experience! Play, laugh and spend time quality with those you love. Leave the capturing to us and take the moments with you.

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Camera Shy?

It's really ok!

It's normal to feel nervous before a photo shoot or have family members who are camera shy, but rest assure, T&R Photography is here to make you feel at ease. We want our clients to feel comfortable and for them to know they are in a safe space. We are dedicated to make this a positive and enjoyable experience for you and your family.

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Our Process


Contacting Us

Whether it's through phone, text, or email, the first thing we do is chat! We talk a bit about our services and what we offer and you share your expectations and provide detail about the services you are seeking. Based on availability, we move foward to the next step.


Getting a Quote

After we've collected all the details we need, we will generate a quote for you and go over the contract & photo waivers and process. We will provide options & packages for you to look over.


Select an Option

Once you have decided to book with us (and we hope you do) You will select a package with the best pricing option that best suits your budget.



You have booked a session with us, Let the countdown begin! We will send you some tips and suggestions for the big day, such as techniques to practice and certain types of clothing to avoid.

What Happens after our Photo Session?

Photos typically take 2-3 weeks to process. (Digitally Process that is). I personally go through each image that was taken and decide which images to keep, and which images to process. Did someone blink? Is there motion blur? Could this be cropped better? Is the contrast, right? These are some of the questions I ask myself when going over the RAW negatives. I have over 13 years of experience digitally editing photographs and strive to produce the best quality images for you. Once the photos are ready to view you will receive a link to a gallery view them! How exciting!


If you ordered a set of professional-quality prints, then you will be asked to select those images using our online gallery. Please allow 5 -7 business days (after selection) for prints to arrive.